You have the trading ideas, we provide you the platform to help you capitalize on them.

QuantIndia is the only algorithm trading platform built specifically for Indian Capital Markets.

Getting started with algorithm trading has never been easier

With 100's of prebuilt algorithms to use and reference. You can get started with building your trading strategy right away. You can also use the many community generated algorithms to generate returns.

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Build, test and execute your trading strategies in one place!

Turning your ideas into a tradable algorithm can be as easy as writing a few lines of code

Python based coding

You can build your code in the most quant friendly language - Python.

Backtesting upto 10 years

We have historical market data for all tickers listed on NSE and BSE exchanges that allow you to backtest your trading strategies over the last 10 years

Visualize results

With advanced charting features you can visualize results from your backtests quickly.

Execute your strategies

Once you have built your trading strategy, you can connect your brokerage account to execute your strategy securely.

"The easiest way to learn how to build algorithms that actually generate profits in the Indian market"

Ramesh Kumar

"Easy to use and very fast to get started with trading"

Praveen Gupta

"Never did I think that trading Indian stocks automatically would be so easy. If you are interested in algorithm trading in Indian markets, there is no better place to start."

Vijay Ram
Financial Analyst